About Kate

From a young age I was drawn to interior design, even before I really knew what it was. I believe my obsession started when I was introduced to Southern Living Magazine by my grandmother. Every image on each page was perfectly styled, each detail carefully thought of, and each room evoked a different feeling throughout its unique design. I was entranced.

Today I am still entranced. I still read design magazines and draw inspiration from the perfectly tailored rooms on the glossy pages, but I also have the privilege of designing such rooms for my own clients.

I would consider my style to be transitional with a vintage flair. While a traditionalist and classicist at heart, I lean more towards transitional design with traditional and classic elements. The vintage flair comes in through unique vintage and antique finds. In my opinion, a room is not complete without a little history.

My Path to Interior Design.

While in school for interior design, I worked as an In-Home Stylist for West Elm in Houston, helping clients design room layouts and select furnishings. From mid-2014 to early-2016, I also worked as a Design Assistant with Karen Kramer and Associates, a Houston-based residential and multi-family Interior Design firm with projects throughout Texas and Colorado.

After graduating from interior design school in May 2016, I decided to begin my own design firm, Kate Vasut Interior Design in Angleton. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help people in my local community bring their design dreams to life in a way that properly reflects their personal style that can be enjoyed for years to come.

If you are ready to make your design dreams a reality, I look forward to working with you. More details on projects I have done, and the services that I offer, can be found on the pages linked above. If you are ready to schedule a consultation, please click the contact button above.

God Bless,